Monday, February 20, 2017

I've been playing a lot of Marvel Heroes

Marvel Heroes 2016 is a free-to-play MMO Ultimate Alliance type of game available on Steam. It's done by Gazillion, and frankly, it's a blast. Not in the graphics sense, though it looks a lot better now then it did when it first launched in 2013 (that screenshot is from a lesser build then what is currently live), the voice clips get really annoying and the interface is usable but still mildly irritating. Marvel Heroes is a blast in the way that only something with a license like Marvel can be: deep cuts from the Marvel universe. 

There's 60 playable characters, each with powers and a playstyle that match up well to the comics counterparts. Human Torch flies around blasting things, Juggernaut is all about "NEVER STOP MOVING", X-23 causes everyone to bleed, Scarlet Witch has an ability that is literally "No more.." and kills all non-boss enemies on the screen, etc. There's a ton of costumes for the characters, ranging from 1602 Angela to Punisher Noir or Ghost Rider's various host forms. Oh, and team-up heroes! You don't directly control a team-up hero but they can follow along with you or just pop-in from time to time, and that's a whole seperate selection of heroes, ranging from Firestar to Angel (and Archangel as a separate character) or the Deadpool Kid, Carnage, King Thor, Jubilee, Agent 13, etc. 

It's everything great about the Ultimate Alliance/X-Men Legends games, but amped up to 11. Daily runs for special loot drops, raid encounters, separate high-level content for solo players, timed drops of premium loot so you can unlock heroes for free, weekly events based off of high-end loot drops...and it goes on and on. Jimmy Woo is a quest-giver! There's Agents of ATLAS references! 

As an actual game there's probably too many types of loot and it can get messy tracking the may types of quests, but damnit, this is the closest I'll get to a new Ultimate Alliance game! I've sunk about 20 hours into Marvel Heroes in the past week alone, leveling Human Torch from 1 to 60 (which can be done in one run of the story mode) and unlocking Storm. I should have enough premium loot to unlock another hero this week and....oh god...why am I playing a free to play game when there's so many awesome games coming out these days!? 

Oh right, playable Green Goblin...Ultron...Black up Ms. Marvel....the Iron Spider costume...and that's just the latest DLC pack. The unannounced hero was just released last week, and it's Hank McCoy, The Beast. 

Anyways, it's free, you can play any hero up to level 10 without unlocking them and it's the classic X-Men Legends/Ultimate Alliance gameplay with much, much more to see and do. 

Here's hoping Gazillion reads my letter requesting the inclusion of ADAM-X THE EXTREME as the next hero. 

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