Wednesday, July 26, 2017

I Sort Of Play Hearthstone For The First In Months

I wasn't able to stream Senran Kagura last night due to Steam being mean to me, but worked just fine! Figured why not hop into Hearthstone for a moment and do an Arena run! 

Turns out, I was 5 games deep into a run already that I started back in early May just after Journey to Un'goro was released. Whoops. 

After that game, I started up a new Arena run using my free ticket in celebration of the Frost Festival. I was recording that arena run, a Shaman aggrodeck run that went quite well (5 wins, another Gold card from the pack I won!) but I had to cut audio once the wife walked in and started sewing as the sewing machine drowned out my mic. 

Not a big loss, as if you've seen one RNG Win in Hearthstone, you've seen them all. 

Monday, July 24, 2017

Dog of Thunder Tackles The TrueTrophies Alphabet Challenge - 7 Days Left

Seven days left in the TrueTrophies Alphabet Challenge and this is how far I've made it:

I don't think I'll make it to Z. 

The realities of my gaming time hit and slowed my progress, along with this just being a tough time of the year (lots of orientation scheduling and hiring of new student assistants at the office), mean I wound up spending some of my gaming time on just games I wanted to play. 

Thanks Steam sale. Oh, and the Capcom Humble Bundle. And the TellTale Humble Bundle. 

And my complete lack of willpower. 

What you will notice from my unlocked Trophies is that I've been on a real stealth killing kick of late. The Ezio Collection is fantastic, gives me a great excuse to replay some great games and Hitman is stellar. So many good things about that whole package. Looking forward to a Season 2! 

I'm a little less interested in going for the ABC trophies....and more interested in improving my sad, sad completion percentage. It's 20% for those wondering. 

My work load is getting easier to handle and the seasonal depression is clearing up (story for another day), so let's get ready for some good old fashioned backlog busting! 

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Plans For The Backlog of DOOM

That's my total Steam count....take away the 20 I've completed....and that leaves....102.....

BEFORE I use the codes from the Capcom Humble Bundle.

Let's add to that with the following PS4 games:

- Uncharted Collection (3 games)
- Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood
- Assassin's Creed: Revelations
- Wild ARMS 3
- Far Cry 4
- Dishonored
- Fallout 4
- Rayman Legends
- No Man's Sky
- Deus Ex: Human Revolution
- Tales of Zestiria
- Valkyria Chronicles
- Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate
- Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance
- Darksiders Warmaster Edition
- Darksiders 2
- Destroy All Humans
- Destroy All Humans 2
- Deponia
- Arcania: Complete Edition

Oh! And Vita!

- God of War HD
- God of War 2 HD
- Ratchet and Clank 2
- Ratchet and Clank 3

That's a backlog of games I have under 10 hours in (or just not much progress). Sure, it could be much worse, and a lot of those games are ones I got in various bundles I don't have all that much interest in (I see you Arcania). It's still a pretty daunting list.

Sometimes I just sit and stare at the Steam games library. Wondering.....what the hell should I play next...Part of the problem is that I've been dog tired when I get home. It's kept me from being consistent as between a new library database, a new payroll system and entering a bad time of year for me (seasonal depression really, I'll get into that later at some point I'm sure),

So I figure I can tie everything together. I can't quite stream or work on my Let's Play! until I'm back up to at least 80%, but that's why I have a face for typing at a keyboard! Once I finish the Alphabet Challenge...and yes...still stuck on "G" at the moment....the Misou Kubo fight in Persona 4 Golden wrecked me so I have to grind a bit before trying again and getting the "Game Over" trophy...then I will move on into a Backlog Buster!

That you, yes you, the reader, can take part in too!

With prizes!

One of which is totally going to be Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles.

Because I hate one of you.

You'll learn who you are.

So that's my backlog solution: Make it an event just before the flood gates open for the Fall and all sorts of awesome new games are released. Personally, stoked for Shadow of War and Assassin's Creed: Origins.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Dog of Thunder Tackles The TrueTrophies Alphabet Challenge - Day 2

Alphabet Challenge Day Two Is Complete

D is for....

Another trophy from Hitman!

This one was a blast to get just because so many of the opportunities in Hitman are a little ridiculous. Causing this particular accident involved an old-school overhead projector. Yeah, I'm a year late for the real Hitman hype train, but it's a really cool game.

E is for....

This one is from Don't Starve Together, the greatest Co-Op game for myself and the Wife of Thunder to play together. I really have to write about this later because it's such a unique experience.

3 days into this challenge and I have 5 letters down, which is good, as I doubt I'll be unlocking any today. Today has been taken up by getting a new kitten for the Thunder household. Joining our ranks of Poe and Verne (brothers from the same litter) and Stoker (half-brother to Poe and Verne), we now have Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, a teeny tiny kitten that looks like a big head with four tiny paws.


Thursday, July 6, 2017

Dog of Thunder Tackles The TrueTrophies Alphabet Challenge - Day 1

Alphabet Challenge 2017 Day One Complete!

A is for....

Marvel Heroes: Omega.

Holy crap do I love this game. It's essentially a F2P version of Ultimate Alliance with a bit more Diablo-grind to it. I have over 100+ hours on the PC version and I'm damn close to Prestige 1 Nova already on the PS4. If you haven't, it's worth checking out, but the ambient talk gets.....really....really....old.

Also, you get two heroes for free to start on the PS4, since Daredevil is a free download from the PSN Store!

[b]B[/b] is for....

Assassin's Creed 2. (The Ezio Collection on PS4).

BLOODY Sunday!? More like BLOODLESS Sunday! AmIright?



.....okay fine, listen, there's no blood in Assassin's Creed 2. Stab a guy multiple times, nothing. Leaping stab into the throat of Pazi? Nothing. Hang Pazi in the town square in front of everyone? No blood, no sign of broken bones, nothing.

I doubt the scientific accuracy of this game based on DNA memories!

Coming up tonight!

C is for my undergraduate GPA!

It's also for.....

Aw yeah! My lovely parental units got me a copy of Hitman: Season One while they were in town.

I was showing the game to the Wife of Thunder the other night while playing the Paris level. I explained that I was trying to find an opening to kill this target that was being shadowed by his bodyguard. That led to the following exchange:

Wife of Thunder: I'd be awesome at this.
Dog of Thunder: Why?
Wife of Thunder: I just saw fiber wire in your inventory. I'm female. Females make the best assassins.
Dog of Thunder: ::grumbles and botches switching outfits, sending the target into lockdown::
Wife of Thunder: You are pretty bad at this.
Dog of Thunder ::grumbling continues, as the silencer pistol is out, frantically chasing the target::
Wife of Thunder: Seriously. If you play as a female, it would be stupid easy to get close to him and poison him.
Dog of Thunder: ::grumbles as shots go wild and Agent 47 gets shot to pieces by bodyguards::
Wife of Thunder: Try it again. With boobs.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Dog of Thunder Tackles the TrueTrophies Alphabet Challenge

Work has settled down, the Wife of Thunder and myself have developed a good routine over the past month getting used to the "WHY IS IT SO @#%@#$^@# HOT" summers of the South, and well, it's time to game and blog yet again. 

TrueTrophies, sister site of TrueAchievements, is finally launching a Community Event later today called the Alphabet Challenge. As the name implies, the goal is to get Trophies that start with the letters A-Z, in order, in 26 days. So basically I have until July 31st. 

The trick is that you can earn as many trophies as you want, but you only get credit for a "B" trophy after you have already unlocked an "A" trophy and so on. Thankfully. TrueTrophies provides an easy, one-click stop to see what unearned trophies qualify for the letter you're on, in my case, it's "A": 

Just a sample size of what I have to work with for Day One

26 days. 26 Trophies in Alphabetical order. 

This is going to be easy. what the @#%^@#^# starts with "X"......

Friday, June 9, 2017

Horrible Cross Over Fan-Fiction Friday: Prison Beasts

Every Friday, your esteemed blogger will be writing a piece of Fan Fiction using the random mashup provided by This week's Fan Fic cross-over is....

Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Beauty and the Beast and Street Sharks. The story should use Prison as a plot device!

Beauty, Beast and The Street Sharks star in....

Prison Break: Zootopia 

(A note before we begin: I have no idea who the Street Sharks are outside of random stills from the 90's cartoon like this one) 

Part 1: Sentenced to DEATH 

Beauty's heart sank as the judge's gavel came down. The jury only took 30 seconds.....or 30 minutes....maybe it was 30 hours.....all 12 of them were animals with no sense of time, as it's a human construct. When the jury foreman read out the decision finding Beauty guilty of being a human there was a loud howl from the back of the courtroom as Beast violently stood up and started throwing around possums, voles and ferrets. 

"She's innocent you jackass!" roared Beast, his massive 9-foot frame of pure fuzzy, rippling, chiseled muscle barreling down the center aisle of the Zootopia courtroom. 

"And she's not a jackass!" yelled back the esteemed judge Dominick the Donkey. 

The pair of burly oxen bailiffs roughly grabbed the slender Beauty's upper arms and the German librarian was helpless as that's the universal weak spot on all women. Two rhinos in police uniforms went to restrain Beast but the mighty Prince was too strong for even the pair of pachyderms to hold back as he tried in vain to rescue the love of his life. 

Then in one quick moment Beast felt 99,000 zigawatts of electricity flow through him. Zootopia's Most Elitest Special Officer had arrived. Judy Hopps bounced dwon from Beast's back with her "anti-large mammal and possibly reptiles but for some reason those don't exist in Zootopia" taser firmly in hand. 

"Special Forces Officer Judy Hopps to the rescue!" proclaimed the only bunny to serve on the Zootopia Police Department task force. "This human-loving monster has been subdued and is ready for extraction to the uncivilized zone!" 

"NNNNOOOOOO!!!" shouted Beauty once Beast was taken down by Judy. Unable to resist the upper arm grab, Beauty went along as the bailiffs escorted her to the back exit of the Zootopia courtroom, avoiding the anti-human crowd at the front entrance. 

"This is what you humans get for coming back to Zootopia." said one of the officers as Beauty was shoved into the back of a van to be hauled off to the maximum security prison from the movie Zootopia. "Yeah" said his partner "though any animal that willingly hangs out with a human should be put down too. Your buddy won't survive a week in the uncivilized zone." 

The two animals laughed as they slammed the door shut and banged on the back door, giving the driver the signal to haul Beauty away to the maximum security prison. Meanwhile, the sedated Beast was loaded onto a high-tech helicopter transport and dumped 700 miles away from Zootopia onto a beach outside a run-down shanty village. 

Groggy and recovering from the shock delivered by the "anti-large mammal and possibly reptile" taser, Beast stood up and dusted off his blue overcoat, re-adjusted his buttons, composed himself, and then threw back his head and let loose a loud roar. 

A roar of vengeance at the fluffy animals that had taken away his Beauty all because she was a human. 

Beast's roar was interrupted by a loud crash emanating from a nearby sewer drainage pipe. Hearing some muffled screams and the sound of a feeding frenzy, Beast rushed over to the pipe and was stunned at the carnage he saw inside: four shark-like men were eating a group of four turtle men, probably only teenagers judging by their size. The shark men were vicious, grabbing one of the turtles, this one had a blue piece of cloth on his head, as it tried to crawl away and then cracking open the shell to get the good parts inside. 

The smell of blood was almost too much for Beast. He nearly went feral and joined into the frenzy right then and there. Instead, he threw his arms back and roared once more, the noise echoing down the pipe and catching the attention of all four shark-men. The sharks recognized an alpha predator once they were done with the feeding frenzy and all four slowly circled Beast, sniffing him and...doing whatever it is that sharks do to determine dominance...I can't be bothered to look it up and at this're committed. Let's just say they sniffed his butt. 

Beast smiled to himself and bared his fangs. He would get his Beauty back, and these sharks would do it for him. 

Hit the jump for the thrilling conclusion to this week's Horrible Fan Fiction cross-over!