Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Ultra Street Fighter II For Nintendo Switch Will Have a FPS Mode

I'll admit, I rolled my eyes upon hearing that Capcom was releasing Ultra Street Fighter II for the upcoming Nintendo Switch. This marks the 22nd version of Street Fighter II. Why? Who cares at this point about a new version of Street Fighter II?

Then I found out this morning about the first person mode.

Yeah, it's limited to just Ryu and awkward motions with the Joycon controller, but it's been a long time since we had a decent first person fighting game! It's been over 20 years since we got Supreme Warrior! 

I fondly remember playing Charles Barkley's Shut Up And Jam! and Kamen Rider at a friend's house back in Middle School. Kamen Rider was AMAZING to 11 year old me. I think the point I'm making is that first person Street Fighter will also be AMAZING to an 11 year old. Every generation has to go through the growing pains of "this will be awesome! Oh wait, no, no it isn't". I had Super Mario Bros. the Movie, kids these days get motion controlled dragon punches. 

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