Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Getting Ready For The Warhammer 40k: Fiesta of Fury!


I signed up to take part in my first Warhammer 40k tournament since....hmmm.....a 2015 Labor Day event. It's been awhile since I took part in competitive play! To put in perspective what a 40k tournament looks like, here's the rules as laid out by the organizer:

Entry Fee is $15.00 (includes lunch). Registrations end on May 16th and lists are due at this time as well. No Refunds after May 16th. This is a singles 1850 event. You are allowed a CAD and Ally only (no formations). No Super Heavies, Gargantuans, Macro Cannon Aquila Strongpoint or Vortex Missile Aquila Strongpoint allowed. Armies must be constructed using a CAD and are allowed one Allied detachment.

Allies table in effect. Lords of War are allowed but no Super Heavies or Gargantuans. Player will be using War Zone Atlanta Missions and all players will play 3 games. A Championship round will be added if no clear winner is decided after 3 rounds. Check in will be at 9:30am and games will start at 10am and run until 6pm or 9pm (if a championship round happens). Lunch will be at 12:45 pm. Prizes to top 3 players (top 2 if less than 8 players). 

Players must have 3 copies of their army list and it must be readable (Army Builder preferred but not required. One copy is turned into the judges on May 16th. Lists will be checked in Army Builder). Players must have rules for all their models in digital, written PDF, Codex and FAQ, etc.

That's a lot of fine print. Here's a basic breakdown for those not familar:

CAD - Combined Arms Detachment. A fancy name for "standard army." 1 HQ mandatory, 2 troops mandatory, up to 4 more troop units, 3 elites, 3 fast attack, 1 HQ and 3 Heavy support.

Ally - Using the ally matrix, a supplementary force to your CAD. Your ally can contain 1 HQ, 1 Troop (required), 1 elite, 1 fast attack and 1 heavy support.

No Super Heavies or Gargantuans means nothing that's absolutely massive, like a Baneblade tank or a Squiggoth.

My army of choice is the Alpha Legion Chaos Space Marines. These traitorous bastards are, according to their lore, the deep cover operatives of Chaos. They strike by making it look like someone else is doing the actual attacking, typically they do this by causing rebellions on Imperial planets. Unlike other Legions, the Alpha Legion has no clear hierarchy, no figurehead in charge of the Legion. Both of these aspects of the lore have recently been brought to the tabletop with some awesome rules.

The big reason I want to take Alpha Legion is the "I Am Alpharius" rule. Since no one knows who Alpharius is, or what he looks like, your opponent never gets a point for killing your Warlord unless they kill ALL of your character models. Well, the way I play, I typically have a dozen character models on the table, making this a brutal penalty for all of my opponents playing me in a tournament.

Secondly, all of my troop units get to Infiltrate. That means I can set up outside of my assigned deployment zone at the start of the game. It's really powerful and perfect for the objective heavy missions of a tournament.

Here's a rough outline of what I think I'll be taking to the Fiesta of Fury:

Sorcerer w/Legion Item that makes Cultists Fearless within 12"
Sorcerer w/Legion Item that lets unit teleport 3d6" in movement phase

5x Chosen - Meltaguns on everyone
5x Chosen - Meltaguns on everyone
30x Cultists - 3x Flamers (the better to deal with Eldar)
30x Cultists - 3x Flamers (BURN!)
30x Cultists - 3x Heavy Stubbers (objective holders)
30x Cultists - 3x Heavy Stubbers (Hold the line!)

Fast Attack:
7x Raptors - 2x Meltaguns

Heavy Support:
3x Obliterators (Weapon morphing demonic beings)
Vindicator (Tank with massive, short range gun)
Vindicator (TWO massive guns!)

Basic CSM list for me. I'll probably tweak the Cultist numbers a bit and need to settle on bringing Demons as allies or Renegade Guardsmen. Leaning Guardsmen for the extra armor and ranged firepower. We'll see what happens when I run some test games over the next few weeks!

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