Monday, May 8, 2017

Bob Ross Joins The SMITE Roster

No really. It's Bob Ross in SMITE: 

SMITE is Hi-Rez Studios' 3rd person MOBA (League of Legends/Heroes of the Storm from a behind the back perspective) involving warring Gods from all across the world. They now also have a Bob Ross bundle, allowing you to play as famous painter Bob Ross. I swear this is real.

The God of Painting is actually a skin variant for Sylvanus, one of the Norse Gods representing Nature. Sylvanus' steed is a tree, which under Bob Ross becomes a "Happy Tree" that will "happily smash your enemies". Activating the Ult of Sylvanus will, instead of roots coming out of the ground, cause your opponents to be assaulted by paintbrushes. Every skill has been updated and changed to reflect Bob Ross, God of Painting.

This is truly one of the greatest times to be alive.

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