Monday, May 22, 2017

FIESTA OF FURY~! An Awesome Day Of Gaming

Last Saturday was....THE FIESTA OF FURY~! 

So, how'd my crappy list do? Decent. Sort of. My attempt at trying something new and outside of my usual style was a resounding DUD compared to my usual showing, but as a culmination of the wackiness of 7th Edition Warhammer 40k? Oh boy was it a success.

10 players altogether attended the FIESTA OF FURY with the army breakdown as follows:

Grey Knights: 1
Necrons: 1
Space Wolves: 1
Space Marines: 2 (Salamanders for one, White Scars for the other)
Eldar: 2
Tau: 1
Chaos Space Marines: 1(ME!)
Horus Heresay-era Deathguard (30k army): 1 (Not given to Chaos yet, so NOT a CSM army!)

Not a bad breakdown, and one of the Eldar armies included Harlequins and Dark Eldar as well, meaning the only major factions not represented were Orks and Tyranids. In short, it was an awesome event and as usual, most of the fun comes from just hanging out for a day and gaming.

It would have been even better if the Tournament Organizer didn't hate me. I mean, how else would you explain the matchups I had for my first two rounds?

Round 1: Necrons (Red Rover Mission) 

See that gut hanging over the edge on the left? That's called "My Doctor Told Me That Just Because My Wife Needs to Use Elevators, Doesn't Mean I Have To" or "Holy Shitake, Think I'll Eat A Salad For Lunch". Yeah, that's my battleline on the left which, thanks to Infiltrate, was already on the Necrons side of the board in turn 1. It looks like a pretty good position right now except for one, teeny problem: The actual mission. 

Red Rover's primary mission is just like the playground game, take an objective and move it to your opponent's side of the table. The Necron army was being led by 3 units of Wraiths with 5 apiece, and those bastards move 12", have a 3+ save no matter what hits them and 2 wounds. Oh, they also have a strength of 6. So that unit of cultists towards the middle of the table? A very easy first blood for the Necrons and an immediate collapse on two objectives. 

A lucky charge roll of 11" also forced my Nurgle unit into melee on turn 1 and sure, they ended up surviving and defeating the Wraiths after I sent a Helbrute over to rescue them, but by then, the damage was done. 

When two armies of resilient, fearless units clash it's mostly a swamp of melee attacks and no one really dying on either side. I ended up with two kill points for secondary, the Necrons had 6 but the difference for the primary mission (3 on my side versus just one on his) led to a resounding 20-8 shellacking in the final score for the mission. 

It was a loss, but one I could take as it was a horrible match up in what was essentially an attrition style mission. 

Round 2: Tau (Purge the Alien!)

Stupid "Geno" and stupid Tau. 

The exact mission we practiced on Sunday. We knew how this wound end. The only question was....would I be completely tabled this time? 

Yes. Yes I would be completely tabled. 

"Tabled" means that every single model in your army is destroyed and thus you are, "blown off the table". This  gave Geno maximum mission points (36) and me the magical number of "Frowny Face". Oh right, the actual match, never made it into melee, never got off a significant psychic power and my shooting was incredibly ineffective. 

Round 3: Eldar we/ Dark Eldar and Harlequins (Exterminatus) 

The Battle of the "Not Quite Last Place But If We Bomb This Mission....We Could Be" armies! 

Thankfully this one is a classic objective-based mission, which favors my army. I was able to secure 5 out of the 6 objectives by turn 2 with minimum losses on my side thanks to the Eldar shooting rolling really low. By the time his dice got hot, the only units he had managed to wipe out were both squads of my Chosen, 1 Obliterator and 2 Helbrutes. Not enough to re-take any of the primary objectives, but sadly, enough to win out the secondary objective of killing units that are marked for death. 

I was able to dominate the psychic phase even against another psyker heavy army, which was very helpful and culminated in picking up a piece of terrain, moving it a full 23", and then setting it back down in a spot that gave my big guns line of sight on the bulk of his army. It was a lot of effort, but really fun to change firing lanes by actually moving around terrain.

I pulled off the victory, barely, and notched a win giving me a 1-2 record for the day and landing me in 6th place for the event. 

The point though, was I got enjoy a full day of nothing but Warhammer 40k with great people in a great store with a great atmosphere. Huge thanks to Funertia in Valdosta, GA (located just across from the mall), show them some love on their Facebook page: Funertia

Now I get to just paint at a nice, slow pace while waiting for Warhammer 40k 8th Edition to be released in just a few weeks. This next edition will fundamentally alter the game and change how every unit, every model and every weapon functions forcing everyone to learn how to ride a bike all over again. 

It'll be AWESOME. 

Oh, and one more thing that highlights what the event was all about....the three winning players? All gave their winnings to the 12-year old Space Wolves player. It was a substantial amount of store credit, and an incredible gesture that will help bring up the next generation of Warhammer! 

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