Wednesday, May 10, 2017

FIESTA OF FURY Update: Painting and Modeling the Alpha Legion

Not only do I need a solid Army List for the FIESTA OF FURY a week from Saturday, but my models need to be assembled and painted. The way things work in Warhammer 40k is that if you have a piece of wargear listed on your Army List, it must be represented on the model. This is referred to as "What You See Is What You Get" or WYSIWYG. It's easier to accomplish for some models then for others. 

First up, my newest model thanks to my lovely wife, the Changeling of Tzeentch! 

On the left, you see the primed and assembled model. On the right, you see it's current painting progress. I haven't permanently attached the staff yet as it would get in the way while painting, so I'm painting it separately and will attach it after the model is complete. 

My painting has become better in just the past three months, as I'm now trying such techniques as "highlighting" and "proper shading" as opposed to my old Word Bearers paint scheme of "flat colors everywhere". 

The other Daemon Herald going into battle alongside the Alpha Legion is a Herald of Nurgle. He's the green guy, and he's only been assembled, primed and basecoated. The things to notice about him are the sword in his right arm, I removed the usual Herald sword and replaced it with one from a Plaguebearer. Why? Because it's actually the same weapon! Both Plaguebearers, a lesser demon unit, and the Herald of Nurgle use Plagueswords. By swapping out the elaborate greatsword version the Herald normally has, it's more visually obvious what the weapon is. 

Note as well the Bell hanging off the horns of the Herald. That's also a piece of relevant wargear for which there is no set model, but there it is, clearly visible on the Herald. WYSIWYG makes the modeling part of the hobby much more interesting! 

The small base with various Daemon parts sticking out is the Portalgylph piece of wargear for the Herald. There is no actual model for the Portalgylph, so I have to make my own. I sketched out a design involving an actual, flat glyph on the ground with daemons emerging from the center. That would be part of a PLague Drone and the arms of a Pink Horror emerging from the base, which will then be painted to look like a flaming portal mounted on top of a solid glyph that is flat to the ground. 

Still working on the actual design of the glyph itself, which involves some research into 1d4Chan's Warhammer 40k wiki to get something that's accurate to the background. I have some green stuff (a type of modeling clay) to make the flames around the edge of the small base, and that will be tonight's project! 

 Finally, we have some of the Chaos Cultist for the Alpha Legion itself.

Cultists are supposed to be disorganized, crazed followers of the Chaos Gods, which is why the weapons you see on the models are incredibly varied. Pistols, autoguns, shotguns, different types of melee weapons, it's a big mashup of ways to maybe, possibly, if I roll a bunch of 5's and 6's, to inflict wounds from a stupidly short range. These guys are meant to just be annoying with sheer numbers. 
Note that you can tell the unit leader at least! 

I now have 10 days to finish the army. If I get the PortalGylph done tonight and get The Changling to at least 75% finished, I'll feel accomplished. Might get started on one of the two Sorcerer models for the Alpha Legion detachment and then start the cursing early on finishing my Chaos Raptor squad. Those guys will be a pain in the ass to paint.  

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