Saturday, December 10, 2016

Marvel vs. Capcom 4 - Dream Roster Additions - Capcom's side!


Accidentally drinking from the same water bottle as one of the kids resulted in a nasty cold sidelining me for the week. Of course by "accidentally" I mean that I said "Don't worry honey, I'm sure I can't get sick from the kids anymore". I was wrong.

Let's hope for a solid week of content from me this week! That'll mean my wife didn't stop my snoring by smothering me with a pillow.

Onto the additions I want to see in MvC4 on the Capcom side of the roster!

5) Edward Falcon - Power Stone 

Power Stone is one of those classic games that in retrospect, makes you wonder why the Dreamcast never really took off. Released in 1999, Power Stone was an open arena fighting game made by Capcom and nothing since, expect maybe Dissida: Final Fantasy has come close to capturing the unique, possibly drug-induced gameplay of Power Stone. 

Edward Falcon is a British boxer and the "Ryu" of the Power Stone series. With moves based around creating red tornados and spewing missiles from his armored form, Edward would fit right in with the crazy combos and aerial gameplay of MvC. 

4) Darkwing Duck 

What? Capcom published the NES version of Darkwing Duck and if this is the only way I can ever shoe-horn Darkwing Duck into a fighting game, I'm going to take it! Darkwing Duck was awesome! 

3) Lord Raptor - Darkstalkers

Darkstalkers needs more representation then the usual Morrigan/Felicia fan service party that we tend to get. Give us Victor, or the werewolf John Talbain! Even better, current Universal Fighting System CCG top character, Lord Raptor. The hard rocking metal monster has an incredibly flexible movset that could easily transition to MvC, a flashy design and did I mention he's an undead rock star? 

Make one of his costumes look like David Bowie and it's perfect.


Hm. Too soon? 

2) Duff McWhalen - Mega Man X5

Honestly any of the really stupid Mega Man bosses would be great as playable characters. Even Dr. Wiley or Sigma would be cool, but if we could get at least one of the X5 bosses named after the members of Guns'N'Roses, I'd be happy. 

1) Asura, Asura's Wrath 

Asura's Wrath is the greatest non-anime based anime game I have ever played. Seriously, sign up for PS Now and play it, or find it cheap for the PS3. It's both delightfully stupid, tragic and plays like a fever dream Suda 51 had after spending a night binge drinking with Hideo Kojima. 

Asura is loosely based off of Asura from the Hindu pantheon. His big thing is that he gets really strong when he's angry. Sort of like The Hulk, but only if The Hulk could grow up to 99 extra arms, fly, create blasts of pure rage and punch so hard he rips through the planet. If Asura is not included in MvC4, someone at Capcom needs to be fired. 

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