Sunday, December 4, 2016

Marvel vs. Capcom 4 Dream Roster Additions - Marvel!

Over the weekend at the PlayStation Experience, Capcom made it official that the rumored Marvel vs. Capcom 4 is actually happening! Dubbed Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite, the game will focus on the Marvel Cinematic Universe and include 2v2 fighting with the Infinity Gems making an appearance. The last game to use the Gems was Marvel Heroes, which gave bonuses to characters that used certain gems, such as Power making Juggernaught briefly invulnerable or Reality making Blackheart spawn a clone. None of that really matters, because right now the only thing anyone cares about is roster speculation.

Click on for my dream additions to the MvC Infinite roster, split into Top 5 for Marvel today and Top 5 for Capcom tomorrow.

Marvel Top 5

5) Moon Knight

When Marc Spector came across the long forgotten temple of the Moon God Khonshu, he may have just been hallucinating. As the Fist of Khonshu, Moon Knight, Marc Spector has developed multiple personalities including a fighting style that causes him to emulate Captain America, Spider-Man or Wolverine. The sheer insanity of Marvel's answer to Batman would be an awesome addition to the fighting franchise, as Moon Knight as made appearances in Avengers Alliance, Marvel Puzzle Quest, Marvel Heroes and Ultimate Alliance. Drop Taskmaster, whom was in MvC 3, for the guy that purposely wears white so his enemies can see him coming. 

4) Spider-Man, Miles Morales 

As a refugee from the Ultimate Universe, Miles Morales is currently the actual Spider-Man in the main Marvel Universe. The teenage Miles has the strength and agility of a spider, with a few different tricks then Peter Parker. Miles can camouflage, which as a super power means "invisibility but kinda science sounding" and a generic 'bio blast', that is actually cool thanks to the character of Miles himself. We've had enough games with regular Spider-Man, Miles could inherit the basic moveset with his own twist.

3) Angela, Asgard's Assassin 

Don't worry, despite the sheer amount of cheesecake shots available of Angela, she's been given a decent character in the comics. Originally appearing as a supporting character for Image Comics poster child Spawn, Angela crossed over to the Marvel Universe after a legal battle in reality and way too much mucking with the space/time continuum in the Marvel Universe. 

Angela's mastery of any weapon with a sharp edge let's her act as the Marvel answer to Capcom's Dante. Complete with the whole Angel/Demon thing that makes a character 'edgy' and 'Hot Topic'. 

2) Kamala Khan, Ms. Marvel

Captain Marvel has already been confirmed, so the odds of us getting Kamala Khan are a little less then the near-100% I would have guessed just last year. Kamala Khan is perhaps the most popular new character of the past decade and is all over the place in the current Avengers books. Her super stretchy power also makes her a great replacement for the Super Skrull from MvC 3, that no one really gave a shit about until Justin Wong took mercy on him.

1) X-Treme, Adam-X

You thought Angela was as 90's as this list would get? You were WRONG. Nothing is more EXTREME then X-TREME. Someone with only third hand knowledge of comic books would be able to tell that Adam-X is a creation of the incredible Rob Liefeld. Note the blades EVERYWHERE. The HAIR! The HAT! The fact that he's called X-TREME. 

Here's where I admit to being a huge fan of the character when he first appeared. I read the X-Force annual that introduced him, many, many times. The guy's power is to hyperoxygeninate blood, causing it to burn when exposed to air. Hence the blades. Of course, my wife has informed me that his mutant power would not cause all of X-Force to fall to their knees in pain. I think she may even referred to it as "an extremely stupid power". 

I want my Adam-X. 

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