Thursday, April 27, 2017

Been a Month! What Have I Been Up To?

Man, April just flew by for me!

My day job as an Academic Librarian (Assistant) means that April is the pre-Finals Apocalypse. Lots of students that need help with research in the last few weeks of a big project being due, not even just procrastinators, sometimes students with really involved research topics that require weeks of lead time in order to get all the articles and documents. Which is sometimes cool when the topic is "the history of Martha's Vineyard as a deaf settlement in colonial America" or "the cultural impact of the N.W.A." and sometimes "how can I cite a blog in my paper?"

Yes, you can cite a blog in an academic paper these days, but I generally don't suggest that for students if there's no listed author. This is why librarians are always going to maintain a degree of relevancy.

So with work finally slowing down and a semblance of a steady scheduling developing between the Wife of Thunder and myself, I can devote some time to shouting into the abyss of the Internet about whatever the hell it is I want. That and play a lot more Heroes of the Storm. I stopped playing Heroes a few months after I got into the closed Beta, but with the new 2.0 update earlier this week, the game got really good!

Heroes of the Storm is Blizzard's take on the MOBA genre, which is fitting since the original DOTA was a Warcraft 3 mod based off of another Warcraft 3 mod (Aeon of Strife). Heroes is streamlined and refined in the usual Blizzard house style and of course, it features a roster of characters from existing Blizzard games. As of Tuesday, yes, Genji is now in Heroes of the Storm. He joins Zarya, Lucio and Tracer as the growing Overwatch section of the roster. 

Heroes has been much easier for me to casually play then League of Legends. There'as no items, no gold farming at all, XP is shared for the whole team and each map has different objectives which makes heroes better or worse on certain battlegrounds. One of my favorites, the Siege Tank driving Sgt. Hammer, is really good at pushing lanes but horrible at dealing with say, the battling Angel/Demon Immortals of the Diablo-inspired Battleground of Eternity and Sgt. Hammer is HORRIBLE at pushing the payload in the Overwatch map Hanamura. 

I'm sure I'll have something up soon in detail about Heroes, but for now, feel free to download the game as it's free-to-play and if you log in between now and the middle of May, you can get a bundle of 20 heroes for free. Choose between the Assassin, Support, Warrior or grab bag Flex bundle. Free. It's an insanely good deal. 

Anyways, the answer of "Why hasn't Dog updated his blog lately?" is the simple answer of "he has a job that gets busy with the academic calendar". 

Or he's an international assassin and was out of the country for a few weeks performing wetwork operations for Norway. 

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