Wednesday, May 3, 2017

FIESTA OF FURY Update - The Final Stand For 7th Edition

Well, it's happening. A new edition of Warhammer 40,000 is on the way, and it looks to streamline the game so that I don't need to use 4 rulebooks to field my army. Previews have begun!

In the meantime, I am two weeks away from the FIESTA OF FURY~! at Funertia. This tournament is sold out, with nearly 20 players, making it a pretty big local event. As I mentioned earlier, I'll be running a basic Chaos Space Marine Legion, the Alpha Legion, without too much in the way of uber-powerful units. Just a nice, simple Chaos Marine list.

Nothing special, which I hope is an advantage for me. Nothing stands out to target, everything can fill multiple roles, and there's no designated "deathstar" that the army is centered on in order to function.
It's a very Alpha Legion type of force to field.


Changes - Upped the Sorcery Level on both Sorcs to 2, as I expect lots of Tau and being able to REALLY dominate the Psychic phase will help.

Sorcerer (Level 2 Pysker) w/Legion Item that makes Cultists Fearless within 12" 
Sorcerer (Level 2 Psyker) w/Legion Item that lets unit teleport 3d6" in movement phase


Changes - Less Cultists, different Chosen load outs and some generic bodies to take the bullets. Infiltrating into Plasma range is more reliable and double-tapping on turn 1 with STR 7 AP 2 shots can still break a unit in one volley. 

7x Chosen - Meltaguns on everyone
7x Chosen - Plasmaguns on everyone
30x Cultists - 3x Flamers (the better to deal with Eldar)
30x Cultists - 3x Flamers (BURN!)

Fast Attack:

Changes - Lightning Claws. Champion being able to dish out wounds on Power Armor units adds to the flexibility. 

7x Raptors - 2x Meltaguns, Champ with Lightning Claws

Heavy Support

Changes - Gone are the Vindicators and by spltting up the Oblits into 3 units of 1 each, I can spread out the firepower. I'm already giving up an absurd amount of killpoints, so why not? 


Allies: Daemons!


The Changeling - A Level 1 Psyker that in close combat, can use the weapon of any enemy model in base. Like say, I dunno, a Knight-Titan's close combat D-weapon. Dirt cheap points-wise as an Ally HQ too.

Herald of Nurgle - Level 2 Psyker, Portalglyph (Brings d6 Troop Choice Daemons onto the field each of my turns)


3x Nurglings - Under 50 points for the unit.

In total? This is only 1636 points. I'm thinking of either another unit of Chosen with Plasma or a unit of Plague Drones (jetpack cavalry that can easily glance out a vehicle). Not sure what to spend the extra points on, but I like the way this has taken shape as everything is on teeny, tiny bases and presents a problem for armies tooled up to face down deathstars or tons of 2+ saves.

The ability to bring extra daemons to the battlefield, for free, has the potential to just drown opposing armies. Especially if I crank out Pink Horrors, just 1 Horror gives me an extra psychic die.

We'll see how it goes!

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