Friday, May 26, 2017

First Official Look At Netflix's Castlevania Series

It starts with someone blowing on a NES cartridge.

It's following the Castlevania 3 story, with Alucard, Grant and Wizard-lady that I never actually used. It's the best pre-Symphony of the Night Castlevania by a mile. Using Grant to climb on walls and ceilings was awesome back in the day, until you got Alucard and his ability to turn into an actual bat.

The best part of the trailer? The release date. July 7th. That's right around the corner and way earlier then I was expecting for some reason.

How awesome is it that we're getting a Castlevania series? Kids these days will enevr again understand the simple joys of cameos on Captain N as the only way to see video game characters on TV, like say, Alucard for example:

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