Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Tales of Zestiria Continues The Only JRPG Tradition That Matters

I picked up Tales of Zestiria for the PlayStation 4 on a whim a few weeks ago, mostly because it had reached the magical "under $20" price that all the games I buy have to hit before I scoop them up. I enjoyed the first two hours with the game, as it slowly did some world building regarding the relationships of humans and Seraphim, which is actually good for some gags as humans can't see Seraphim and assume they've been gone for thousands of years. 

Your character can, of course, see the Seraphim and is literally a Chosen One (in this case, a Shepard), but before you attain Shepard hood and the tropes really kick leave the secluded village in which you were raised....and the gameplay fades to black as the guitars kick in....

Aw yeah! It's the DELAYED ANIME OPENING! Bold move Namco! 

Guitar riffs? Check.
Characters staring into the middle distance? Check.
Nonsensical shots of the cast? Check. 

It makes me happy to see that even in 2015 when Tales of Zestiria was released, we were still getting tropetastic anime openings. I picked up Tales of Symphonia for the PC over the weekend, and ou know darn well THAT re-release will have an anime opening to it! 

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