Wednesday, July 26, 2017

I Sort Of Play Hearthstone For The First In Months

I wasn't able to stream Senran Kagura last night due to Steam being mean to me, but worked just fine! Figured why not hop into Hearthstone for a moment and do an Arena run! 

Turns out, I was 5 games deep into a run already that I started back in early May just after Journey to Un'goro was released. Whoops. 

After that game, I started up a new Arena run using my free ticket in celebration of the Frost Festival. I was recording that arena run, a Shaman aggrodeck run that went quite well (5 wins, another Gold card from the pack I won!) but I had to cut audio once the wife walked in and started sewing as the sewing machine drowned out my mic. 

Not a big loss, as if you've seen one RNG Win in Hearthstone, you've seen them all. 

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