Monday, July 24, 2017

Dog of Thunder Tackles The TrueTrophies Alphabet Challenge - 7 Days Left

Seven days left in the TrueTrophies Alphabet Challenge and this is how far I've made it:

I don't think I'll make it to Z. 

The realities of my gaming time hit and slowed my progress, along with this just being a tough time of the year (lots of orientation scheduling and hiring of new student assistants at the office), mean I wound up spending some of my gaming time on just games I wanted to play. 

Thanks Steam sale. Oh, and the Capcom Humble Bundle. And the TellTale Humble Bundle. 

And my complete lack of willpower. 

What you will notice from my unlocked Trophies is that I've been on a real stealth killing kick of late. The Ezio Collection is fantastic, gives me a great excuse to replay some great games and Hitman is stellar. So many good things about that whole package. Looking forward to a Season 2! 

I'm a little less interested in going for the ABC trophies....and more interested in improving my sad, sad completion percentage. It's 20% for those wondering. 

My work load is getting easier to handle and the seasonal depression is clearing up (story for another day), so let's get ready for some good old fashioned backlog busting! 

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