Thursday, December 1, 2016

Working Dad Going For Platinum: League of Legends Season 7

Because deep down inside, I think I hate myself. I have set an incredibly absurd gaming goal for myself. How absurd? Rise up the ranks in League of Legends, a game I originally played as a closed beta tester back in the dark days of 2008, and achieve a Platinum rank for Season 7.

That may not sound bad, but League of Legends has the most toxic of all online communities not found on Reddit and this is a guaranteed way to cause what little hair I have left to turn gray. Or just fall out. We'll see what happens.

Day 1, Part 1

Game 1 - Support Lux

With no runes, only 3 points of masteries and my only summoner spells are heal and ghost. Did I mention one of the team immediately says "I don't normally play pvp" while our Jinx and Ashe fight over mid. Keep in mind, this is a game for low level accounts. Let's see how we did!

Of course! Of course my first game back in League and my first game as this project LOOKS LIKE THIS. WHY SHOULD I EXPECT ANYTHING LESS!? That's alright, I can regroup, play a carry of my own and put the whole team on my sexy back. I got this.

Game 2 - Bot lane Ryze, because screw roles at this level

Ah Ryze, so easy to use, so good at blowing people up.

Now that's what I'm talking about!

I also now have my first official win! YAY! Old dudes with crap reflexes can handle new players. Think I might just instalock Jinx next game so I end the streak of horrible, horrible players.

Game 3- Roaming Ryze Rampage Returns Redux Revengeance

My team actually had the discussion of dragging the game out so we max out our XP and IP rewards. Note that half the players have Flash, which means my tiny little level 4 self is already getting outgunned. 

I'm going to take a break for some grub, work on the stream stuff so that I can broadcast the afternoon games, and hopefully keep my winning streak of 2, the lowliest of all win streaks, going strong! 

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