Thursday, December 1, 2016

Working Dad going For Platinum: League of Legends Day 1, Part 2

The afternoon set of games kicks off with totally not Harley Quinn and some downright domination! My confidence is soaring with three, three, THREE wins in a row! This will be easy.

Some hardware issues are stopping me from streaming at the moment, notably the lack of a microphone and weird reverb sound issues. I'll update audio drivers tonight and hopefully get it fixed for Friday night's fights.

Hit the jump for the gory details on Part 2 of my run for the Platinum in Season 7!


Ya'know, I beta tested the DC MOBA that was being worked on by Turbine, a software company based out of Framingham, Massachusetts, and it was horrible. The UI was too hard to read, hero effects were given zero call outs so you had no idea how many "revs" the Atomic Age Wonder Woman had on her chainsaw.

I only mention it because Jinx is 100% what Harley Quinn should be in a MOBA. A crazed trickster that uses gadgets and gets really excited everytime she makes a kill.

Day 1, Game 5 - Annie Time!

Spent some IP and bought a champ. Turns out, you can only get "Mastery Levels" with bought champs. Those points show your skill with a particular champion and you get a grade at the end of the game based off of your performance. Annie is awesome, can fill many roles, so perfect for ranking up.

Also, she's a little girl that likes setting things on fire and kills people by throwing her stuffed bear at them, which turns into a BURNING DEMON BEAR OF BURNINATION BURN. I know just how destructive small girls are, so Annie is perfect for my first major champion.

It was suggested I blank out the names of the other players. So I'll do that from now on.

Included is my artistic render of Annie's bear, Tibbers.

Day 1, Game 6 - More Annie, More Tibbers

Check that out. 5 wins. 5! YES!

Day 1, Game 7 - Moar Annie!

Managed to get an S- grade for my Annie play in this game. Running support Annie feels unfair at this level as I don't need much gold to TOTALLY BURN THEM ALL!

At the end of Day 1, I bought my first champ and managed to hit account level 6. Only 24 more levels and 13 more Champions to buy before I can enter Ranked Mode and start the real grind.

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