Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Dog of Thunder Tackles the TrueTrophies Alphabet Challenge

Work has settled down, the Wife of Thunder and myself have developed a good routine over the past month getting used to the "WHY IS IT SO @#%@#$^@# HOT" summers of the South, and well, it's time to game and blog yet again. 

TrueTrophies, sister site of TrueAchievements, is finally launching a Community Event later today called the Alphabet Challenge. As the name implies, the goal is to get Trophies that start with the letters A-Z, in order, in 26 days. So basically I have until July 31st. 

The trick is that you can earn as many trophies as you want, but you only get credit for a "B" trophy after you have already unlocked an "A" trophy and so on. Thankfully. TrueTrophies provides an easy, one-click stop to see what unearned trophies qualify for the letter you're on, in my case, it's "A": 

Just a sample size of what I have to work with for Day One

26 days. 26 Trophies in Alphabetical order. 

This is going to be easy. what the @#%^@#^# starts with "X"......

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