Thursday, July 6, 2017

Dog of Thunder Tackles The TrueTrophies Alphabet Challenge - Day 1

Alphabet Challenge 2017 Day One Complete!

A is for....

Marvel Heroes: Omega.

Holy crap do I love this game. It's essentially a F2P version of Ultimate Alliance with a bit more Diablo-grind to it. I have over 100+ hours on the PC version and I'm damn close to Prestige 1 Nova already on the PS4. If you haven't, it's worth checking out, but the ambient talk gets.....really....really....old.

Also, you get two heroes for free to start on the PS4, since Daredevil is a free download from the PSN Store!

[b]B[/b] is for....

Assassin's Creed 2. (The Ezio Collection on PS4).

BLOODY Sunday!? More like BLOODLESS Sunday! AmIright?



.....okay fine, listen, there's no blood in Assassin's Creed 2. Stab a guy multiple times, nothing. Leaping stab into the throat of Pazi? Nothing. Hang Pazi in the town square in front of everyone? No blood, no sign of broken bones, nothing.

I doubt the scientific accuracy of this game based on DNA memories!

Coming up tonight!

C is for my undergraduate GPA!

It's also for.....

Aw yeah! My lovely parental units got me a copy of Hitman: Season One while they were in town.

I was showing the game to the Wife of Thunder the other night while playing the Paris level. I explained that I was trying to find an opening to kill this target that was being shadowed by his bodyguard. That led to the following exchange:

Wife of Thunder: I'd be awesome at this.
Dog of Thunder: Why?
Wife of Thunder: I just saw fiber wire in your inventory. I'm female. Females make the best assassins.
Dog of Thunder: ::grumbles and botches switching outfits, sending the target into lockdown::
Wife of Thunder: You are pretty bad at this.
Dog of Thunder ::grumbling continues, as the silencer pistol is out, frantically chasing the target::
Wife of Thunder: Seriously. If you play as a female, it would be stupid easy to get close to him and poison him.
Dog of Thunder: ::grumbles as shots go wild and Agent 47 gets shot to pieces by bodyguards::
Wife of Thunder: Try it again. With boobs.

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