Saturday, July 8, 2017

Dog of Thunder Tackles The TrueTrophies Alphabet Challenge - Day 2

Alphabet Challenge Day Two Is Complete

D is for....

Another trophy from Hitman!

This one was a blast to get just because so many of the opportunities in Hitman are a little ridiculous. Causing this particular accident involved an old-school overhead projector. Yeah, I'm a year late for the real Hitman hype train, but it's a really cool game.

E is for....

This one is from Don't Starve Together, the greatest Co-Op game for myself and the Wife of Thunder to play together. I really have to write about this later because it's such a unique experience.

3 days into this challenge and I have 5 letters down, which is good, as I doubt I'll be unlocking any today. Today has been taken up by getting a new kitten for the Thunder household. Joining our ranks of Poe and Verne (brothers from the same litter) and Stoker (half-brother to Poe and Verne), we now have Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, a teeny tiny kitten that looks like a big head with four tiny paws.


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